Cavapoo Application

October 2017 Cavapoo Litter Update: Immediately after we announced the litter below, we were flooded with applications. All the pups are now in their forever homes. We will leave applications open, so you can apply now for our future litters.

Previous Announcement: Today, we're opening up the application for our most recent litter of gorgeous apricot F1 Cavapoos (red Cavalier dad, light apricot mini poodle mom). Their forever homes will pick them up the first week of October. We will send more details to those who have an application accepted and place a deposit. The adoption fee is $1400 for these apricot pups ($1100 after deposit). We expect them to be 10-15 pounds full grown; they have super sweet personalities. Typically we get 60-85 applications within 2 days of opening up the application, so if you'd like one of these pups, you should apply right away (and please be thorough in your application). It's hard to narrow down to the very best applicants.

Apricot Cavapoo Litter We're Currently Accepting Applications For:

Purpose of the Cavapoo application

Narrow Down – The Cavapoo application helps us discern between the good and the best.

Competition– Having WAY more demand for Cavapoos puppies than supply of available puppies, helps us be discerning.

DiscerningCrockett Doodles has become famous for their customer service and incredible reputation (see here); much of this is due to the discerning application process; we try to discern the very best forever homes for Cavapoo puppies.


Thorough – We don't do anything crazy, like demand a visit to your home, but we do try to be thorough in the questions asked in our Cavapoo application. We want to determine if you would be a great fit for one of our Cavapoo Pups.

Pick up sites – Most of the Crockett Doodle Cavapoo partner homes are in the Southeast (headquartered in Greenville, SC, with branches in Charlotte, NC, and Atlanta, GA). BestCavapoos and Crockett Doodles are in the process of expanding to Pennsylvania (Allentown area), Michigan (Detroit), and California (San Francisco).

Never ship– Best Cavapoos remains committed to never ship Cavapoo puppies. We think you should pick up your adopted Cavapoo from a loving home. Crockett Doodles believes shipping puppies on an airplane provides a terrible start. We allow families to fly to us, meet their precious Cavapoo pup at our home, and fly back with their Cavapoo puppy in the passenger compartment with them. We also personally deliver Cavapoos for 60 cents a mile to most places in the continental U.S.

More Cavapoo Application Details

Not a commitment – The Cavapoo application allows you to seek more info and see if you would be a good candidate for a Cavapoo. It is not a commitment to adopting a Cavapoo puppy.


Timing– We receive numerous Cavapoo Applications each day; we try to respond in 3-4 business days.

Our Response – We basically respond to your Cavapoo application in one of three ways: "yes", "no," or "wait."

Yes – With some Cavapoo applications, after thoroughly evaluating, we believe you would be a good candidate to be a forever home to one of our precious Cavapoo puppies. If we respond with YES, we would give you a good deal of further information with a hidden link to a PayPal deposit if you choose to place a fully refundable $300 Cavapoo deposit with us. Or you can send a check for your Cavapoo deposit (we'll provide the address).

No – If we respond "no" to your Cavapoo application, we mean absolutely no disrespect, and don't want anyone to get their feelings hurt. We're not discerning between good and bad potential Cavapoo families, but between the good and the best.

Wait – Sometimes the best answer we can give a family wanting to adopt a Cavapoo is to "wait." For various reasons, perhaps their Cavapoo application would be able to be accepted in the future, but we were not able to accept it at this time.